In the oscillating space, there’s a mark of a gesture, collapsing into a field of waves, trippingly moving, and yet scient of the changes it can make in the course of things. All things tremble inside, within the space of a touch. They progress, in motion, and come back together. They stop, and yet, still in motion, leave the space. The stimuli is in reaction for a space. And the one created is in the anamorphic shape of inconsistency, the plural, porous revelation of something yet to begin, once again.

Multidermis Expanded was on display at Lapso Galeria during the summer of 2021 as part of a Group Exhibition with Miguel Tavares. Both works proposed to create an extra-sensorial dialogue, having the skin as a medium, vehicle and sensitive space for landscapes and universes in transformation and impermanent mutability. They seek to utilize the skin's natural features to establish idiosyncratic mappings with ideas, objects and premisses, simultaneously tactile and remote. 

Multidermis is a voyage through the infinite layers of the non-visible skin, one that doesn't pretend to be exterior or interior, but both simultaneously. It’s a non-belonging skin, in the sense that it has no owner, and covers all things and no things at all. It’s useless, except for it’s own good: it grows and morphs into various shapes, altering between solid, liquid and ethereal environments. And yet, it couldn’t be more relevant, as it connects and links all things together in one.
This project began with a strange investigation on the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis and the moment when it invades an ant. This is the moment we are at: facing the mutation, when nothing is nothing; when a hybrid being is born, a being of transformation. One that shifts, that is on a passage. And in the face of this inevitability, something else is born at the surface.

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