In a world where technology takes over the imaginary, and scientific imagery has the ability to put us in a very near perspective towards objects and existences that used to be distant (in scale; in a time and space relation), new entities and places emerge and begin to occupy a place in a collective way of understanding reality. These universes arise in the form of images to originate other points of view, much wider and broader, and are meant to consequently expand our notion of life, of self, of what we know for fact and take for granted.
This expansion is nothing more that a movement inwards. As we are dealing with imagetic products, we´re ultimately reflecting on our own ability to produce visual artefacts, capable of simulating, with mechanisms, what we’re supposed to see. We are, above all, dealing with ourselves, with the universes we decided to create, to expand, without ever leaving what we know and what we take for real.
We are in an ever-expanding movement towards the unscalable, the infinite spaces. This ability leaves us in a point of tension where everything is possible, for we are moving in all directions, without ever leaving our original place.

Alter Cosmos is a series of fictions of a place we know very well without knowing it. It started with a research (nº1nº2 and nº3) and eventually morphed into a book. It is comprised of pictures and four texts: Beings IMechanicsBeings II and Morphology
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